Sunday, December 8, 2013

Will you be my bridesmaid? DIY

The day after Jeff proposed I had my bridal party picked out and I wanted to do something special to ask them. There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest so I spent a little while looking and I found something I really liked (pictured below). It was a wine bottle with a personalized label saying "Will you be my bridesmaid?" I liked the idea but I wanted to make the label more "me" so I changed it up a little bit and also made some little wine glasses too because, whats a bottle of bridesmaid wine without an awesome personalized bridesmaid glass to drink it in?

Things you will need:
- Avery labels number 22826, you can get the on Amazon (Prime!) right here.
-Avery label 22826 template, can be downloaded free online from the Avery website, click this link to get there.
-However many bottles of wine you will need
-Alcohol (sadly not of the fun variety....the rubbing kind, though a good glass of Moscato does make crafting more fun)
-A printer
-Microsoft publisher
-Wine glasses to paint
-Enamel paints click here to see the kind I buy (one of these kits will last you quite a while... I've had mine for over a year and I do a LOT of glass painting)

Step 1: Download the Avery template and copy and paste it onto a Microsoft Publisher document. You want to make sure it takes up the whole page exactly, there is nothing more annoying than printing out your project on a label sheet only to find it doesn't match up because you were a little bit off.

Step 2: Find something you like and design your label within the outline of the template. I searched "Will you be my bridesmaid" on Etsy and found some wording that I liked and used different fonts to make it my own. You're going to want to copy and paste your inspiration onto the document so you can look at it as you go along.

As you can see I played around with colors and fonts until I found something I liked. You should do the same, make it your own style!

Step 3: Once you're finished designing your label print them out! I also decided to do a back label for mine, with a photo of me and each girl and the "Established Since" date (the year I met each one). This was pretty easy I just copied the photo and fit it to the template.

Step 4: Take the wine that you got and carefully pull of the labels. I found that its better to take the time to try and get the whole thing off in one pull, it leaves less sticky residue to get off. Once you've got the labels off use the alcohol (the rubbing kind not the drinking kind) to wipe off excess stickiness.

Step 5: Lay your labels on your wine bottle, I would suggest starting at the left or right and working your way over, rather than going from top to bottom. The curve of the bottle makes it easier to do it that way.

Step 6: Jazz it up however you want! My wedding colors are going to be light gray and yellow with chevron touches so I found this perfect yellow chevron ribbon to tie to the top.
The front
My "Established Since" back with the picture
Step 7: Make your own hand painted wine glasses. I won't include directions on how to do that here... you can check out the link to a past DIY on how to do it. This is how mine turned out:

Step 8: Package them up and give them out to your girls! I included a note with mine for each girl.

The finished product on display at one of my bridesmaids' houses.

Have fun and make it  your own. Speaking from experience being asked to be a bridesmaid/maid of honor is very special, but its also a lot of work, so I think its really nice to ask in a special way.

I have some other posts to do soon about DIY engagement gifts (I feel like everyone I know is getting engaged/married so I've had lots of practice!) coming soon!

I feel like it might be weird that the Hobby Lobby manager totally knows me and greets me with "back already?!?" every time I walk in the store?


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    1. I can't seem to find yours either. My email is, feel free to shoot me an email!