Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lace Wrapped Mason Jars

Because we're trying to do our wedding on a budget I've been trying to come up with cute decor ideas that both fit our theme and are inexpensive.

Not the easiest feat....let me tell you. Want paper lanterns that light up? $30 each. Want a lighting company to come put some twinkle lights up over the lawn? $850 (I wish I were kidding). Want beautiful flower arrangements for your tables and ceremony? That'll be $60-150 per arrangement.

Since my life plan to win the lottery hasn't quite panned out yet.....I've been scouring the internet for cheap ways to decorate our rather plain venue while still meshing with our theme of vintage garden shabby chic (thats actually a super technical style term in wedding planning....or at least it should be.... I may have made it up).

I found these two pictures on Pinterest and I thought they were both great ideas.

Baby's breath is really inexpensive (check out Sam's Club for your wedding flowers people.... I was BLOWN away at what they offer) and I don't have to worry about it dying on me. I want to do those on shepard hooks (shown in the top picture) down the aisle and I want to do candles in mason jars as a source of light on the big lawn for the reception on shepard hooks also.

I really wanted to make them nice and fit with the rest of the wedding so I decided to wrap them with this great lace I found at Hobby Lobby.

Things you will need:
-Lace (stretchy is preferable)
-Mod Podge
-Mason Jars
-Foam Sponge Brushes

Step 1:
Pull the lace around the mason jar as a kind of crude measure and cut it to size
Step 2:
Put your cut lace strip on a piece of cardboard or newspaper... something that can get messy. Take the foam brush and smear the mod podge all over the lace. Don't make it gloppy, but make sure the whole thing is saturated.

Step 3:
Pick up the lace and put it on the middle of the jar. Wrap it around and smooth it, make sure that there aren't any edges tucked under and the seam is lying flat.

Step 4:
Go over the seam where the two edges meet with Mod Podge
Step 5:
Let Dry! The Mod Podge hardens and once it does that lace isn't going anywhere.

I'm going to tie the top with jute to hang on the hooks (pictured here) that I found here at the DOLLAR STORE in bulk. Talk about luck!

I tried the jars with some oversized tealights I got at IKEA and they look awesome in the dark! I'm going to use the jars for both the baby's breath and the lights AND I'll probably also put them to use as cute vases at the many bridal showers I've got coming up! I would say I'm going to get the $15 worth I spent on making them (to be fair my mom had about 20 mason jars around the house so I didn't have to buy those).

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