Monday, January 27, 2014

Our DIY Engagement Photos

Jeff and I are trying to do things low budget so we decided to have a good friend (one of Jeff's groomsmen in fact) photograph us with his super duper nice spanking new camera in pre-pinned poses.

God I love Pinterest! I just went on and found a ton of cute poses to try, I made lots of props, we met up with our friend at a great location (where Jeff proposed) and SHAZAM we got some awesome engagement pictures.

I would like to say though..... our friend has a lot of experience taking professional photos for his job (he's a journalist and is responsible for a lot of his own photography). Its not like you can stick just anyone behind a nice camera and magically have great photos...I've tried and I'm a disaster behind the lens. Get someone who has some knowledge about photography (self taught or otherwise).

I think this worked out really well for us because we were both really comfortable around our photographer (often to the point of complete ridiculousness) and it made us relax and just be ourselves. He brought his fiance who just happens to be my best friend so it was really fun and not forced at all. I'm not super into PDA so I can't imagine locking lips with Jeff as much as I did in front of a complete stranger.

I'm so glad we got some of these great shots.

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